Friday5: Relax

This is where I found myself last night. After yesterday’s post a nice hot bath was all I could think about. While Husband put Daughter to bed, I snuck upstairs with a glass of wine and a new magazine and filled the tub. Why don’t I do that more often?

That leads me to this week’s Friday5. List five things you do to relax….

1. Walk the dog, alone
2. Yoga
3. Take a nice hot bath
4. Lunch with friends
5. Lose myself in a good book

What about you? We’re nearing spring but have a few more weeks to hibernate. What helps you relax?

  • kristin

    this photo just cracks me up. i’d probably drop the camera right there in the suds. happy friday! i always enjoy your friday 5 posts. xx

    1. jenn

      omg…. i was holding my phone really really tight when i shot that. no way was i dropping my phone in the tub. i already sent one through the washer! have a great weekend!!

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