Friday5: Favorite Foods

Getting back to the basics….

List five foods that make you happy. Really happy.

1. Spicy Tuna Rolls
2. Chunky Monkey Ice Cream
3. Baked Truffled Mac & Cheese
4. Lobster tails with Spiced Butter
5.  Chocolate Pecan Pie

And not necessarily in that order…

What about you?

(I’m bringing Daughter sledding today, what are you doing?)

  • Missie

    1. Peanut Butter
    2. Flourless chocolate lava cake (OMG!)
    3. Popovers
    4. Chocolate Almond Fudge ice cream in a waffle cone
    5. Crab Legs & Butter

    I’m working today and getting hungry! 🙂

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