Friday Pep Talk

FYI – I can’t do Crow Pose, but Husband can. See?

I met a friend for happy hour this week and she told me about a day she had a couple months ago. It was rough. A few weeks earlier she had just started a new job and it was stressful and she was worried she had made the wrong decision. She was tired and frustrated and crabby. After work that day she had a night class. Again,she was tired and frustrated and crabby. Just totally out-of-sorts. When she got home that night she threw down her purse and work bag and lap top and said to her husband, “Honey, I need a pep talk.” He looked at her lovingly and said, “Is your shirt on backwards?”. Sure enough. It was.

Too funny.

It’s Friday. And it’s a long weekend. I have a  5-day weekend and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you have a Happy Happy 4th of July. (BTW – Husband and I met on the 4th 14 years ago, can you believe it?)
Celebrate and Be Safe!
  • Luisa

    Spilling my beans to your entire readership! Ha! But I admit, it was hilarious.

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