Friday Five

A while back I featured “Friday Fives” on my blog. They were usually a list of Favorite Foods, Candies, Breakfasts, etc. New in 2012 I’m going to feature “Friday Fives” but I won’t limit it to Food-related lists. They will be a list of Five Anythings. Some hard to figure out, some not so hard. This first list was adopted from one from one of my favorite blogs, Dutch Blitz. 
I bet you didn’t know….
Five things you don’t know about me:

1. I’m afraid of falling. Not jumping, or heights, but of falling from high-up. I can stand against a window on the 50th floor, just don’t make me look down from a 5 story parking ramp. I need a window.
2. I own, and sometimes drive, a 49cc Scooter. It was a generous gift from my in-laws and while I love it, it’s hard to do daycare pick-up while riding it. And, I have to admit, I get pretty scared driving around town. Cars are big, Trucks are bigger.
3. I don’t care for Vanilla ice cream. Why bother?
4. I can’t go barefoot. I have to have shoes or flip-flops on. Unless I’m at Yoga. Just don’t like the feel. Weird?
5. I can touch my nose with my tongue. Seriously, I have a long tongue.
What about you? Tell me something I don’t know….
  • Angella

    I only eat vanilla ice cream if it’s coated with chocolate sauce. 😉

  • Julie

    I actually knew 4 of those 5. Vanilla is good, when it is made with good vanilla.
    –I can’t think of anything you don’t know about me.

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