Friday Five: Summer Bucket List


(this photo is completely unrelated to this post, I just like it)

The other day my neighbor, J, and I were doing a mini-triathlon since we’re training for the full triathlon. After our swim we ran into a Paddle Sculpt instructor and we stopped to chat with her. Man, I want that job. To float around a lake, under the sun, guiding women in exercise and paddling. Now, that’s a cool job. But it’s not my job and instead I sit at a desk for most of the day. But sigh, someday. Meanwhile, I vowed to do a Paddle Sculpt class by the end of the summer. And that got me thinking: What else do I want to do this summer? So, here goes, my Friday Five Summer Bucket List.

1. Take a Paddle Sculpt class

2. Bring Daughter Kayaking

3. Take an outdoor Yoga Class

4. Play Hooky for a day with Husband

5. Drink Margaritas by a Beach

Good enough? I think so.

So I ask, what’s on your Summer Bucket List?


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