Friday Five: Random Things

I love to read the Blog Young House Love. I love John and Sherry’s honesty, their sense of humor, their DIY ideas. And because I love them, I’m borrowing their post idea from yesterday: Five Random Bits. But I renamed it to Things so they don’t sue. Not that they would. They’re nice like that.

So here goes, here are five random things I’m thinking about right now:

1. I’m obsessed with Brussels Sprouts. Seriously. Can’t get enough. Fortunately, they’re healthy.

2. I cooked a form of Squash for dinner twice this week and Husband ate them. Monday I made Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Pepper Sauce, Tuesday I made Pumpkin Risotto. Double victory.

3. I’m been listening to Christmas Carols since the day before Thanksgiving. Broke my own rule.

4. Really really really looking forward to the weekend….

5. Nothing better then cuddling with my little dog on these cold nights.

Now it’s your turn, leave a comment with five random things below. Sharing is nice.


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