Friday Five: Pet Peeves!

Friday. Friday. Friday. Where were you all week? I missed you. I’m glad to see you. Even more so because I have the day off with Toddler. Hoo. Ray.

And because it was the kind of week that it was, I want to know your five biggest pet peeves. Seriously.

1. Slow drivers in the left lane
2. People who can’t be counted on
3. Dogs who get up at midnight to poop
4. Those who take the elevator up one floor
5. Smokers….

And you? What’s driving you nuts this week?

  • Missie

    It WAS a week, holy cow!

    1. cupboard or closet doors left open
    2. shoes left in the middle of the entry
    3. gum snappers
    4. a dressed up woman wearing high heels with scuff marks
    5. arrogance

    Enjoy your day off!

  • Jill

    1. Gotta agree with the left lane slow drivers
    2. Weather reporters giving their opinion on the weather
    3. TV Traffic guys who insist on showing the accident (and circling it) instead of the traffic backup it has caused
    4. People who are late
    5. People talking/texting on their cellphone who are oblivious to everyone else.
    oh, I could go on and on….

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