Friday Five: Magazines

Five magazines I read every month:

1. Cooking Light

2. Yoga Journal

3. Real Simple

4. Print

5. Poets & Writers

What about you? Which magazines do you read every month? Tell me!

And have you noticed that all the magazines come on the same day of the month? I think they should spread them out….

We have a full weekend. Swim lessons, hockey, girls night to watch “The Help”, a massage and pizza with the cousins for Grandma’s Birthday. Between all that I’ll be a reading magazines.

What are you doing?

  • Missie

    I have only 4, can’t really believe it’s that many actually.

    Food Network
    HGTV (new!)
    Better Homes & Gardens

    Funny, I thought to myself last night, “I’m going to read my magazines this weekend!” Between hockey practices and games, that is! Enjoy your weekend!

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