Friday, Already?

shot at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, June 2009 — (thought you’d like something green)

I know, I know, but this week went really fast! I picked this new book at Crafty Planet. A brought home pile of delicious fabric at Treadle Yard Goods. And last night I picked up my sweet little sewing machine from the shop after it had it’s annual service. I spent most of one day on the couch with a sorta sick toddler and another evening with Dog on my lap while I caught up with Top Chef All-Stars. I know, so busy! And this weekend? No big plans. A couple hockey games, a Yoga Class and a Sunday Brunch Date with Husband while the In-Laws baby-sit. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll start sewing again.

What are your plans?

  • jess

    We have a birthday party on Sunday, and a skating date with my sister and the kids on Saturday.
    I know that’s reversed, but that’s how it came up from my brain.
    I also had an inspiration on a sweater that I have been working on since last January, so I hope to get some work done on that.
    Happy weekend!

  • kristin

    oh honey, that is A LOT. be sure to breathe…but i guess you’ll have a chance to do that at yoga on sunday. 🙂

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