Friday & a Library

It’s almost Friday!

I’m still overwhelmed. Mostly with work. Sorta with teaching a three-year-old to Listen. And respond.

But I wanted to share with you a lovely little discovering I made tonight as I walked Dog around the block.

I found a library. A little Library in my neighbors front yard. More info here. But I’m excited. And have already combed my shelves for a contribution. This is cool.

We’re heading to the beach today and then we plan to clean the house. Well, one of us plans to clean the house. Daughter might have other plans. On Saturday I’m looking forward to a much needed girls night. Sunday we’re meeting friends at the Farmer’s Market.

And then back to the grind we go.

  • Bree @ meandmy2guys

    I love birds on wires, and trees in a row incidentally. Chin up 🙂

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