Dinner last night was very last minute. I knew I had black beans, eggs and an onion. The rest depended on what I could find in the fridge. So I got to it. I sliced an onion and let it sweat for a while in some oil. Then I added a chopped zucchini, which apparently was still in the fridge from a farmer’s market stop last week. When both were starting to soften and the onion had that lovely sweet onion smell I tossed in a can of drained black beans and a can of chopped tomatoes. Only it wasn’t a can of chopped tomatoes, but rather a jar of pizza sauce. But by the time I noticed, the whole can was bubbling away along with the beans and the onions. Oh well. Guess this will have to work. I stirred that up while I supervised daughter as she peeled a cucumber. She’s three. It was scary. When everything in the pan looked all happy I made four little indentations and daughter and I cracked eggs into the holes. She loves to crack eggs, but only until they open up. Then she drops them into the bowl and lets out a little “euhhhh”. That’s when I take over, which is probably fine. So our eggs went in. I tossed a couple tortillas into the hot oven, combined the sliced cucumber with a sliced apple and waited until our eggs were just set. Perfect timing. Only Husband was still somewhere on the crosstown highway. Daughter and I ate together. Eating in unison, first beans on tortillas, then apple-cucumber-apple sandwiches. She drank milk, I had Merlot (full of probiotics, I hear). And Husband got there just in time.

I’ve been inspired to cook by instinct by this book.

And happy happy birthday to the amazing, and tall, Julia Child.

Have a beautiful weekend.

The temperatures have cooled.

The rain clouds have promises to stay away.



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