It’s finally Friday. What a week. The first three days were beautiful, then yesterday we had a long day of rain. Lots of rain. No walks, no playground, no backyard play. We caught up on flashcards and Lightning McQueen. And now we have four days off. To hopefully get outside, get into the garden and get to the pool. My big goals for the weekend are to finish planting the garden and to finish organizing my closet. I’m close, so close.

Speaking of, any closet org tips? Give me five if you got em…. 

We also have a lunch date here.

And a party with friends on Sunday.

And as tradition mandates, here’s a link to the Star Tribune Taste 50. Yum.

Photo shot at the U of MN Landscape Arboretum. Anyone know what that flower is?

  • Kim May

    Dunno what that flower is, but I want to thank you for supplying the handy dandy link to one of my favorite annual things… the Star Tribune Taste 50. This year’s is better than ever!

  • Kathryn

    ‘Tis a honeysuckle I believe.

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