Happy Friday! And Happy 2nd of December.

To officially kick off the Holiday Season I made this Advent Calendar using the tutorial from The Purl Bee. I used their instructions as a very loose guideline and it still turned out pretty well. I couldn’t find different weights of felt, but the weight I found on sale at Michaels seemed to work just fine. And I didn’t download their number guides, instead opting to go freehand, with mixed results. The outcome certainly looks handmade, but that’s sort of the point, right? I don’t think daughter will even notice as she plows through the pockets each day. I filled it up with stickers and chocolate and finger puppets and cars. She might be a little young to truly understand, but it will be fun just the same.
And it’s the weekend! This afternoon I hope to swing by the Second Annual Willow House Craft Fair (if the refrigerator repair guy doesn’t take too long). There will be all kinds of amazing handmade goodies from a lot of amazing artists, including Jen, Kristin and Anna!
And tonight I’m heading out to Simple Barbra with the girls. This weekend we’re having a birthday part for Dog, getting a tree, heading to a 3YO birthday party and then I’m off to the Nutcracker with Mom. I can’t wait. I’ve been listing to the music for weeks already and as much as I can’t dance, I can’t wait to twirl!!
  • Carole

    This is so great. Skylar is a lucky kid.

  • kristin

    thanks for all the support at Willow House! It was great to see you last night (and Sky too! i just have to say…spittin’ image)

    love the advent calendar…maybe someday i’ll do this…

    also, can’t wait to hear about Simply Barbara…maybe next weekend? xx

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