Friday 5!

Man, I’m tired right now. And sore. It’s 12:04 in the morning and I just got home from a hockey game. That I played. I smell pretty bad, my knee/hip is tight, my right shoulder is throbbing and my throat is sore where I took a stick. Such is life, or at least a game of hockey. This season has been pretty good. We have some new bodies who are young and really good, but the older bodies have a hard time getting to games and it’s really hard to play with only 7 skaters (one with the flu) at 10pm on a school night.

So there you go, that’s what’s happening. What’s nice is that the house is quiet. And except for the dog staring at me wanting a treat, it’s pretty cool. If I didn’t have to be at work in 8 hours I could probably sit here for a while. But anyway… it’s now Friday. And it’s time to do the Friday5!

Husband brought home tulips last week since we hosted a lovely brunch and all I can think about is spring. We’ve barely had winter in these parts, but I’m ready. So, here goes… the top five things about spring that I’m looking forward to, are….

1. Opening the windows
2. Spring cleaning
3. Planning my garden
4. My neighbor’s tulips
5. Watching the birds “go crazy” in the birdhouses outside the kitchen window

Is it too early to get excited for Spring? No. Never. Not at all.

So… now, what are the top five things about spring you’e looking forward to? And don’t say the end of hockey season!

  • Missie

    I get tulips for valentines every year. LOVE THEM! i’m planning my first garden this year, I could use some tips or books/website to reference.

    1. Opening the windows
    2. Green grass and blue sky
    3. putting away hats, boots, mittens, snowpants
    4. Wearing open toed shoes
    5a. The smell of the crab apple trees
    5b. The end of hockey season 🙂 Come on, it’s a LONG one!

  • Tyler

    you play hockey….you are officially my hero.

  • Jill

    1. Watching the lakes turn to water again.
    2. Warm sunshine.
    3. Singing birds (even at 4a!)
    4. Jumping on my bike and riding fast.
    5. Spring flowers.

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