Fresh Snow & A Writing Retreat


We woke up to about five fresh inches of snow on Saturday and it was absolutely beautiful. Even when I was shoveling a path to the garage I thought it was beautiful. Even when I was driving through the streets in my neighborhood, plowing through drifts and piles, I thought it was beautiful. And clearly, when sledding on Sunday with Daughter, I thought it was beautiful.

But before we found ourselves flying down the hill towards a very large tree (we missed it, obviously), I spent most of Saturday with my amazing Writing Group. We gathered at the home of a member, in her beautiful living room, with a roaring fire and we wrote. Each of us had an hour and a topic. There was poetry. There was a Lyric Essay exercise. There were writing prompts. There was reading out loud. There were croissants and coffee and speedy sandwiches.

For the first time in months I put pen to paper and it felt great.

In the coming days (weeks) I’ll share some of the prompts. And if I’m feeling bold I’ll maybe even share some of the writing.




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