For the Bathroom

screen shot from Stephanie Levy's Etsy shop

We’ve been talking about re-doing our downstairs bathroom. But we’re torn. It still has the original 1950s tile, mint green, of course, and the original tub. And it’s in great shape. But the rest of the house is modern and open with lots of wood and windows. Do we gut it or just leave it for the next people to do it on their own? Regardless, I’ve been thinking a fun print would add some life to the room either way. I was searching Etsy last week when I remembered a shop and blog that I’ve been following for awhile and found the perfect print. I love Stephanie’s work and know this would really brighten up the space. It even has that mint green in there!

  • painted fish studio

    i love stephanie’s work! this would be a great addition to the bathroom without needing to gut and re-do it.

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