Five Years and Counting….

This is Spud. He stopped by last week to color eggs. Love that smooshy-face. 

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Probably too much thinking. In between goldfish crackers and brochure deadlines, I’ve been thinking about this blog. I started blogging five years ago this month. Back then I was over at The Write Ingredients and my focus was on Food. Eating it, Cooking it, Serving it. A couple of years into it the focus expanded. I started sewing and I started sharing crafts and other goodies. And Daughter came to stay. The focus of the blog was broader, so I started this, my second blog, called Paper&Clouds. Then it all got to be too much. I stopped posting at TWI and focused on P&C. Meanwhile, I’ve started another venture with Jen at Purple•Poppie. And I’m writing again. The whole point of starting my blog five years ago was to keep writing. But now I feel that I’m just posting and not actually writing. And there are so many other things to do in my life than just Post. Do you, my reader, really want to see another post about something I like on Etsy? Or something I made for dinner? Isn’t that what Pinterest is for at this point?

This is a lot to take in on a Tuesday. Especially a Tuesday after a long weekend.

So I’m shifting again. There will still be food and sewing and crafts and photos. But there will be more writing. And there will be less posting. My hope is that I’ll show up here when I have something to say. Or something to show. Not because it’s Monday or Tuesday or Thursday. But because I have something. Something.
I’ve even considered closing up shop. But I don’t want to. I honestly don’t want to end this thing. I like to blog. I like the connection. I like reading what all you other bloggers are doing, both creatively and emotionally. My life has changed a bit in five years. I like to think I’ve changed a bit in five years. Where will I be five years from now? I have no idea. But I sure hope I’m still here, writing.
What about you? Is this Spring bringing a sense of change to your life? I’d love to hear….

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