Five Year Journal

I bought myself a five-year journal. Have you heard of these? There’s a page for each day of the year, for five years. So every day you write one line about that day. What happened, what you learned, what you’re grateful for, what pissed you off. And you do this for five years. Every day. I’ve wanted one for a while now and finally ordered one for myself for Christmas and started it on the first of the year. It feels a little odd just starting out, but I’m picturing it a year or two from now when I can look back and see who I was and how I was. That will be cool.

Do you keep a diary/journal?

  • ristinw

    One line each day sounds easy but it needs lots of effort to do it for 5 years! 😀 You’re awesome!

  • Jessica Barden Bandelin

    I only intermittently journal, but I call it a blog.
    Never have I I been able to keep a paper journal.
    Even when travelling, I’ll start out great guns, and then feel like I don’t have anything interesting to say.
    I love the idea of just a line or two a day, though, that sounds doable.

  • Cindy

    Yes i journal everyday it’s my therapy and i love buying a new pretty journal to write in.

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