Finally… Friday

A few links to kick off the weekend….

Baby pigs are adorable, swimming baby pigs are, well, here….

This could make running worthwhile AND fun.

A friend moved across the world and met a Camel.

We’re heading out for Dim Sum on Sunday. Any tips?

Happy Weekend. Hope you have lots of laughs!

  • travelingmad

    Aww cute kids.
    They look like they’re having fun.
    : )

  • stephaniesomething

    Awesome running idea!

    Camels are great, and have rather squishy faces. I always assumed they’d be somewhat like horses for some reason, but they aren’t at all! They will growl at you too! (or maybe they just don’t like me.. haha)


  • threesneakybugs

    OK, that pig thing is weird. Let me know how the dim sum goes. Love dim sum and haven’t had it in literally a decade.

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