February 1: Resolution Check-In

view from my “studio” of the mississippi river

Can you believe it’s already February? I sure can’t, but I’m also sure glad it is. It’s getting us just that much closer to green, spring and warmth. As promised, I’m here to check in with a Resolution update. Let’s see…

1. Create
I’ve been sewing for myself, which has been a blast. I made a set of placemats for myself and a blanket for Daughter. There’s a list of projects in the works as well, so Create is coming along well.

2. Write.
I’ve been scribbling a bit, but I’ve also plowed through two books (this one and this one) that will help here, and I’m taking a class this weekend at The Loft. More on this soon, I hope.

3. Yoga
The 21 day Yoga Challenge was a bust. I just couldn’t get the videos to stream. But I’ve been to class a couple times, does that count?

4. Budget
Um, yeah. I haven’t had time to spend any money, does that help? And I’m really trying to think about purchases before I make them. But then I joined Borders VIP club thing and now I get free shipping on any book. If I wait for the weekly coupon, is that still okay?

5. Triathlon.
Progress! I’ve met with two personal trainers, one for a Cardio plan, the other for a Lifting plan. Both are going well. I also found a place for Adult Swim Lessons. So I don’t drown. WooHoo!

  • Bree

    Good girl! You go.

  • Tyler

    yes…please don’t drown…i’d say from your list you’re moving right along! 🙂

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