Fabric Finds!

I found the Sew Mama Sew blog and shop shortly after I started sewing at th ebeginning of the year. The blog is amazing and one of the first sites I visit every morning. If you missed them, they had phenomenal gift ideas all through November. It where I got most of my ideas… But anyway… They recently introduced a number of new fabrics, and these two caught me eye. Aren’t they amazing? I’m so tempted to order at least a yard of each, any idea what I should do with them? Pillows? A Skirt? A Purse?

Mod Stripe Papaya, by Mod

Aromatherapy Sherbet, by Sanctuary

We’ll see if I can make it through the day without ordering…..

2 Replies to “Fabric Finds!”

  1. I like the second one, very cute. They’d actually make a nice bag together.

  2. threesneakybugs says: Reply

    Ooo! I particularly like the bottom one.

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