Fabric Find: WOOF!

Look at the ADORABLE fabric. I love it. Puppies, puppies and puppies! You can find it here.

I might just need to pick some up and make something for Daughter. Every time she wakes up, the first word out of her mouth is “Puppy?”. Then we go find the Dog. She loves him.

And speaking of adorable, here’s a photo of my Puppy. See? Also adorable.

  • painted fish studio

    very cute fabric, cuter dog!

  • Tyler

    a boston terrier on shake it photo…doesn’t get any cuter than that! (I’ll pull your fabrics together and get em’ shipped this week!)

  • Bree

    kids love dogs, our son learnt ‘mama’ first then ‘dada’ then ‘pah-pahs’ (puppys)
    obviously the order of importance to him in the family!

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