Do You Doggie Daycare?


For the past few weeks we’ve been sending this “little” one to Doggie Daycare. It started with the bathroom remodel. I couldn’t let our poor contractor listen to two crazies barking all day, so I removed the deeper, larger bark, even though she’s the calmer dog. The first day was hard. I didn’t want to leave her, she didn’t want me to leave. But she did okay… she “passed”. And I was able to watch her for parts of the day on their webcam.

The staff said she was a bit shy, but each day she became more outgoing and confident. Now that the bathroom is done (I owe you photos of that!), we’re just sending her one day a week to give her a break from staring out the front window. She spends the day following the staff, sniffing smaller dogs and wagging her mammoth tail. Little man (Bug) stays home. This also gives him some solo-perch-in-the-window time.

When I dropped her off this morning she leapt out of my truck the moment her leash was clicked. She flew to the door and straight to the gate. She didn’t even look back. She didn’t even look back!!

I guess my little girl is growing up. Deep sigh.

I want to know, do you send your dog(s) to doggie daycare? Do you have a dogwalker come to your house?


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