designSponge Camera Strap

I needed something to jazz up my new camera, so I made this really simple, really quick and oh so lovely, camera strap cover. Now when I’m with all the other novice photographers at the park or zoo or wherever, I’ll know exactly which camera is mine. (As if I ever set it down). Anyway,  I used my favorite Alexander Henry Fabric. You can also see it on my shop used for a wine bag.

  • threesneakybugs

    Once I made a comment to Steve on how I’d like to have a nice fabric camera strap. I even showed him Erin’s (House on Hill Rd). Ya know, in case he would buy it for me. Instead I found out a fabric covered strap is too girly and he would never want one on “our” camera. (as if he takes the pictures)

    But yours looks great! I would totally use it.

  • Chandler

    I love the idea, and am totally filing it away for future reference. When I was in college I made a guitar strap out of an eggplant-colored silk tie I found in the street. It sounds way cooler than it was…maybe since I’ve learned how to sew properly since then, I should revisit the thing and try again.

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