And then it was December. We’ve had a touch of snow. The holidays are fast approaching. And the New Year is in sight. Amazing. But first, a Happy Happy Birthday to my beautiful Boston Terrier, Bogey. He’s 9 today and is still as crazy as ever. He’s added a few gray hairs recently and just recovered from a sprained knee, but he’s doing well. So well, that we’re throwing a birthday party for him this weekend. Photos next week!

But enough… here’s the last month of 2011 Resolutions:

1. Create
Busy! Invitations, Cards and Decorations for Purple•Poppie. I sewed a skirt for me. And a whole lot of holiday goodies are in the making.

2. Write.
Somehow the writing fell apart last month. Maybe it was the dark cold mornings. Who knows, but this is #1 on my list next year. Seriously.

3. Yoga
Still going once or twice a week, different times, different instructors. The important thing is getting on the mat.

4. Budget
Ugh…. the holidays!

5. Triathlon.
Still planning on my first indoor Tri January, so to get ready I’ve been to spinning class and in the pool, and of course, I’m still running. And playing hockey. Feels so good!

Beyond all that I’m trying to stay sane through the holidays. How about you?

  • Jill

    Happy Birthday, little Round Head!!

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