December 1

And then, suddenly, it was December. There is snow on the ground, lights on the house, pine boughs in the pots on the porch. Lists have been made, gift wrap has been purchased, meals have been planned. I love the holiday season. I love the planning, the gift-giving, the cookie-baking, but mostly I love the 24th and 25th when family fills up our house with food and laughter and cookies. Yes, more cookies.

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It’s not only December, but December 1st. Which means it was our dogs’ birthdays until they passed away nearly two years ago. Facebook was kind enough to remind me of this date. I had all but forgotten it. All but forgotten that for 11 years we celebrated Bogey’s birthday. We had a few parties over the years, but every year, without fail, we brought him across the river to Petco. We let him pick out a toy and some treats and without fail he swiped a few from the friendly cashiers. When he was 10, we adopted Lovely Luna and she just happened to have the same birthdate (or it was close enough). We had one lovely day two years ago when they turned 11 and 1. Luna wore a party hat, Bogey did not. We sang happy birthday and we showered them with affection and treats.

Three months later Luna passed suddenly from a lung infection. Two months after that Bogey passed too slowly and too painfully from a broken heart and a worn out back.

We still have sad days when we miss his snorts and cuddles and we miss her chatting and smile. But we gave them good lives. And they gave us beautiful memories. So today, I will think of them and their antics and be grateful that we had them for as long as we did.

Happy Birthday Bug. Happy Birthday Lovely Luna. You are missed.


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