Construction Zone

We are practically living in a construction zone on our street. This summer the new neighbors on the corner gutted and redid their house. To their right our friends got new windows, doors and a new bathroom.

Directly to the north of us they’ve cleared they’re extremely overgrown back yard. (So overgrown they had a deer living back there a couple summers ago), and now they’re adding an addition.

To the south of us (two lots south, actually, but essentially next door) our neighbors are building their dream house. The street has been full of dumpsters and dump trucks and Bob cats and construction workers. Daughter finds it exciting, Dog finds it annoying. I just like to see the transformation take place.

This new house they’re building will be a green-built, sustainable showplace home. There will not be a basement, but a crawl space for mechanicals. There will be a driveway in the front (Egads, no alley!) and a saltwater pool in the back. And as much as I hate to lose the vacant lot out our kitchen window, I’m looking forward to the new house. I’ll try to keep you updated….


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