Checkbook Cover

I know, I know, nobody writes checks anymore. Or so I thought, until I went to my new acupuncturist, who ONLY takes checks. Really? Wow. Good thing I had just made this adorable, and highly functional checkbook cover. Not only did I have my checkbook with me, but I was proud to pull it out of my purse to write the check.

There are two simple pockets on the inside, hiding a fun animal print fabric. Even if you are committed to no longer writing checks, the pockets hold dollar bills perfectly. Or, if you don’t carry the checkbook but just use it to pay a couple non-electronic bills each month, wouldn’t it brighten your day to have a fun cover? I know it makes giving my money away easier.

I’m working on fine-tuning this pattern with pockets for debit or credit cards, as well as a simple closure. Anything else you need in a checkbook/wallet. Let me know. These will hopefully be in the Etsy shop someday as well.

  • Anna

    It looks grand! Ya know, I find myself writting more and more checks lately. It all has to do with the kids – summer programs, after school care, soccer sign up, scholastic book orders…

  • jenv

    funny thing about oregon, lots of little mom and pops won’t take credit/debit cards but a check is fine.

    1. jenn

      J – isn’t it bizarre who takes checks, and only checks, nowdays? I’m lucky I still carry mine around!

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