New York Journal

Remember my trip this spring to New York City? I had a great time. And to remember it, I put together this quick little journal full of the memories. I started with the binder Jen put together. She had given all of us the binder to hold the goodies she sent out in preparation of the Manhattan Meet-up. I carried it around while in NYC and when I got home I put this together. I used a subway map for the cover, complete with my notes and sketches. For the inside front cover and back cover, I used a map of MOMA.

Inside, I cut down card stock and french-folded it for photo pages. This gave the pages more weight.

Jen  included pockets in the binder and I filled them with menus, and business cards and even a napkin from the Plaza (where Lisa and I enjoyed $26 mimosas).

This is a great way to preserve the memories of the trip, and a place to store my notes for the next one. Soon, I hope!


Welcoming a Baby Boy

A dear friend of mine will be welcoming a new baby boy this fall. For her shower, I made her this adorable blanket with Minky fabric and using this tutorial. I was initially worried about using such a soft material, but the tutorial was well written and I had no problems. At all. It came together really quickly, and I think I’ll be making more. Sure hope the new mother and bouncing baby boy like it as much as I do!


Ahhhh…..Baby Giraffe…..

I have a soft spot for Giraffes. I have an even softer spot for Baby Giraffes. Isn’t he just precious? This amazing print is the work of photographer Sharon Montrose. She specializes in animal photography. And I have to say, her work is something special. Check out here blog here, and her Etsy shop here.

Oh, and scroll down for more info on the International Craft Swap. Plenty of time to sign up…


Sunny Friday

A photo from the quick walk I took in the summer sunshine earlier this week.

Here’s hoping you have a Sunny Friday and a Happy Weekend. I’m spending it celebrating. Enjoy!



Have a great weekend. I’ll be checking out the artists at Highland Fest and  dipping my feet in the neighborhood wading pool. I’m also gearing up for a really big week next week. Really, you ask? Yep, stay tuned! It will be fun!


Checkbook Cover

I know, I know, nobody writes checks anymore. Or so I thought, until I went to my new acupuncturist, who ONLY takes checks. Really? Wow. Good thing I had just made this adorable, and highly functional checkbook cover. Not only did I have my checkbook with me, but I was proud to pull it out of my purse to write the check.

There are two simple pockets on the inside, hiding a fun animal print fabric. Even if you are committed to no longer writing checks, the pockets hold dollar bills perfectly. Or, if you don’t carry the checkbook but just use it to pay a couple non-electronic bills each month, wouldn’t it brighten your day to have a fun cover? I know it makes giving my money away easier.

I’m working on fine-tuning this pattern with pockets for debit or credit cards, as well as a simple closure. Anything else you need in a checkbook/wallet. Let me know. These will hopefully be in the Etsy shop someday as well.