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Friday Five

Friday5: Weekend!


It’s nearly the middle of March and Spring is on the door step. I heard the birds chirping this morning and I just had to post this beautiful poster I found on Poster Cabaret. Have you seen this site? So many amazing and affordable works of art.

So, it’s warming up and soon we’ll be grilling burgers outside. And, best of all, it’s the weekend. And because it’s Friday, here are five things that help me recharge over the weekend….

1. “Sleep in,” which really means cuddling with Daughter until 8 if we’re lucky.
2. Take Daughter to lunch on Fridays when I can, sometimes just the two of us. Today we’re heading to Tilia with friends.
3. Hang out in the sunlight in our living rom while Daughter and Dog play with random toys.
4. Eat a grapefruit each morning.
5. Read bits and pieces of the Sunday Paper.

Tell me, what do you do to recharge on the weekend?


Mill Valley Kitchen

Lunch with the girls on Friday lead us to the Mill Valley Kitchen in St. Louis Park. We were not disappointed. The space is beautiful, with white walls and green accents and lots of and lots of windows. The service was prompt and professional. The menu was extensive and we all had a hard time deciding what to order. I finally chose the special of the day, a Salmon Burger with Avocado. And while I was expecting ground salmon, this was anything but. Look at those chunks of salmon. And the side salad was fresh and crisp and filling. I usually like chips or fries with a sandwich, but I didn’t even notice them missing with this hearty sandwich. The only thing missing was a glass of wine, which was tempting, but didn’t happen with daughter in the middle of the day. And speaking of daughter, our server made her feel just as important as the rest of us. They have a large and healthy kids menu, crayons and coloring sheets and warm chocolate chip cookies. And that cookie bought us a few more minutes to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. We may have ordered a few of them for ourselves as well 🙂


Autumn in a Bowl

Please forgive this photo — I was starving and sitting at my desk. Or just hold your hand over your screen. It really doesn’t do justice for this amazing soup. I forgot to pack a lunch yesterday, so I ran down to Bewiched and grabbed a cup of soup. So, what was this soup, you ask? It was “Butternut Squash with Turkey, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Sage and Mushrooms.” Got all that? As soon as I smelled it I knew it would be amazing. Seriously, Autumn in a Bowl. And it was. They turkey was thick and moist, and I could take the Sprouts, the mushrooms, the squash. I’m still thinking about it. I sure hope they have it today, too!

(Maybe then I’ll take a better picture.)


Sea Salt, Finally

We made it back to Sea Salt yesterday for just the second time this season. While we love Sea Salt, we don’t like the lines or the waiting. Especially with a Toddler. So we ran over there for an early lunch on Sunday. It was quite the spread. Tacos, Crab-Stuffed Avocado, Crab Fries and a Fish basket. Way too much food. Daughter ate most of the fries (surprise, first time ever!) and Husband helped me with my Fish Basket. Man oh Man, that was a lot of food! If you’re craving really, really, good seafood in an ultra-casual environment, get there. They’re only open until the end of the month.


Road Trip, Part 2: Eating

I got the idea to spend a day driving to Pepin and back after reading this article in our local paper. Just like the article, I wanted to eat my way through the small towns on both sides of the river. We started with fresh pastries in Prescott, WI. A glazed donut for Husband and a Caramel Roll for me. I also bought a pack of blueberry bagels to bring home. (And when we got back into our car I saw a man very quickly approaching us. I couldn’t see his face from where I sat, but he was nearly running, and I wondered why and what we had done! Marc turned and yelled out, “Clint!” It was an old friend on his way down to Winona for a meeting. What. A. Small. World.)

After Prescott we did some shopping in Maiden Rock, and the worked our way down to Pepin for lunch at the Harbor View Cafe. And that name is perfect, just look at the view they have of the harbor!

What a cute place. Just enough tables, a long bar and a menu written on a chalkboard. There were lots of options and it was hard to decide. Eventually Husband went with the Hawaiian Ahi (which was slightly overcooked)…. and I went with the fish cakes (wrapped in salmon, topped with shrimp, served with root mash).


We’ll just saw it was more than enough food. And that yes, I passed on Ice Cream at the Nelson Cheese Shop. (Our next stop in Nelson, WI).

But isn’t this back room amazing? They serve wine. Yes, wine!

After our fill of lunch and goodies at the cheese shop it was time to turn north and back into Minnesota. We stopped at Pepin Heights (in Lake City, MN…. go figure) and picked up apples (Honeycrisp & SweeTango) and cider.

We also stopped at Rabbit’s Bakery. I ordered a large hot cider (a cold weather favorite) and a loaf of the lifted corn bread. It is a yeast corn bread and was really amazing. So good this time of year, heated up and smothered in butter. Yum.

We made just one more stop outside of Hastings so I could buy some gourds for the table, but I never did get an apple cider donut. Not that I had room for it. Guess that will be next weekend when we head back down to the Carpenter Nature Center for their Apple Fest. I love this time of year…..


The Rookery

I told you that we ran away for a few days last week, right? We actually were in the tiny Unincorporated town of Cable, Wisconsin. It was pretty tough to find good food, until, that is, we found The Rookery Pub just a mile down the road from our resort. The food was out of this world. We started with the Shrimp Cocktail. Seriously the best I’ve ever had. The shrimp was huge and perfectly cooked and chilled. The sauce had just enough kick to wake me up. Then I had a bowl of the carrot ginger soup (!!!) and Husband had the Lobster & Shrimp Ravioli (!!!). But there were so many delicious options it was really hard to decide. Daughter had a box of crayons and a few sheets of paper. Yep, they brought that out for her after three visits to the garden to see the Butterflies. At least there was only one other table in the restaurant. Unfortunate for them, perfect for us. If you ever, EVER, make it near Cable you need to find this place. We skipped dessert since Daughter was starting to get impatient, but Husband brought me a Molten Chocolate Cake from the Resort Bar a few hours later so all was well. Really, all was well.

And it’s Friday again! Yippee! Where are you eating this weekend?


One More Day Off

We took one more day off after the long weekend and we made the best of it. With Daughter back in daycare, we went for a long bike ride, made a quick stop at Ikea then went to lunch and a movie. We sat outside at Saji-Ya on Grand Avenue and had some amazing sushi. There might have been beer and wine involved as well. Then we stopped at the Grandview Theatre to check out Midnight in Paris. It was great. And it was a nice break from the sun and heat and craziness of a holiday weekend.

There was Pork Gyoza,

Tuna Tataki,

And three kinds of rolls.