I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks. This week you: • went tubing down the big hill All. By. Yourself.  (that’s you at the top in the photo) • passed the push back and forth with me at hockey practice • used your “pleases” and “thank you’s” and “excuse mes” and “no, thank your” really well • dragged me […]

Hockey Hockey

So, I signed the daughter up for Mini-mites hockey last week. Mini-mites is for four-year olds and it’s the youngest level of organized hockey. I looked at a few programs and realized that the one across the river was the closest and fit our schedule the best. I emailed the director and asked if I […]

Morning Meltdown

Daughter woke up today in full melt-down mode. She had a rough night, with nightmares full of spiders and spider webs. Husband pulled her into our bed, where she woke multiple times pleading for us to get the spider webs offher arms, her legs, her head. It was heartbreaking to watch and even more difficult […]

Meet the Monarchs

We have a few new friends living with us for a few weeks. They’re Monarch Caterpillars, also known as Milkweed Caterpillars, I guess because they eat Milkweed plants. They moved in on Saturday. The plan is that they’ll eat and grow and eat and grow for two weeks. Then they’ll spin their Chrysalis’ and hang […]