And just like that, today she is seven. Or will be, actually, at 1:55pm this afternoon. She was bummed when she learned she wasn’t technically seven yet. But we let her open her presents this morning anyway. There are no words for how I feel about this kid. We had no idea what we were getting […]

Holding on to Six

In two days my daughter will turn seven. SEVEN. S.E.V.E.N! It sounds so old. It’s so far from preschooler or toddler or infant. She’s a solid grade-schooler if that’s even a term. Just this morning I told a woman, “she’s just six.” Years past I would have said “almost six” or “four in three days.” […]

I’m Over at Blogher

A few weeks ago I saw a comment on a Facebook post looking for mothers who feel strongly about the danger of concussions in youth sports. As a hockey player and mother of a soccer/hockey player, I offered the other side of the conversation. About how Husband and I are not holding Daughter back from sports she loves […]

The First Tooth

Daughter lost her first tooth this weekend. And her second. They had been loose for a couple of weeks, but the timing of the actual loss couldn’t have been more exciting. We had just ridden the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier in Chicago. She had just struggled to eat a hot dog at a Mexican […]


I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks. And I’m behind. Again. These weeks you: • threw multiple parties, including one with “confetti” • went to open skate (twice) and skated faster than I’ve ever seen you skate, laughing the whole time • brought me to the coffee shop where you picked out Peanut Butter Chocolate […]


I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks. This week you: • are still trying to get rid of the cold… we all are • spent a day at the Mall of America with Grandma & Grandpa – they looked exhausted • made Bubble Valentines for your class and loved it • discovered you like to […]


I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks. This week you: • caught a cold and have been dealing with a runny nose and a nagging cough • played your last hockey scrimmage of the season and had a blast • helped me paint the basement (!) • tried fresh fennel and fennel and tilapia stew… the […]


I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks. This week you: • with a pep talk…  you made it through an hour of hockey practice… and had fun  • talked Mom into taking you down the double big hill and laughed when we almost hit a tree • introduced our new realtor to every single My […]