It’s Friday. And last night on our walk this little fellow fell out of a tree just inches in front of Dog’s head. Seriously, inches. A split second later and he would have landed on Dog’s head! Good thing that didn’t happen, Dog was freaked out enough! After some discussion and a call to Animal […]


Can you believe it’s April already? In these parts it’s hard to believe. The snow has just melted and the temperatures just reached above freezing. But I saw flowers yesterday, outside, in my neighbors yard. Tiny, purple flowers among the leaves and dirt and grime of the winter. Spring is here. Finally. It’s also time […]

Yoga: Day 1, Sort of

Yesterday was the first day of the 21-day Yoga Challenge from Yoga Journal. I had a long day and didn’t get around to logging onto the challenge website until after work, after dinner and after my hockey game. Finally at around 9pm I dragged the lap top upstairs and logged on. Nothing. I got 9 […]