Monday Monday

It’s Monday morning. The world thawed out this weekend and I’m pretty sure we even hit 40 degrees. There was a lot of hockey this weekend, a bit of sledding, lots of cooking, a rocking game of bowling and a bit too much wine. So between soggy snow pants and a crock pot full of chunky […]


I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks. This week you: • had so much fun with your classmates at a birthday party • declared Daddy to be the best fort builder, and spent many an hour building them • cuddled on your bed with a book and pretzels and “read” • rode “Fancy” […]

2014 Reading List

  Just a few of the books that I hope to read this year: Good Poems for Hard Times*, edited by Garrison Keilor The Memoir Project*, by Marion Roach Smith Monument Road, by Charlie Quimby A Writer’s Time*, by Kenneth Atchity Ready for Air*, by Kate Hopper The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage, edited by Caroline […]

My Third Triathlon

I did my third triathlon this weekend. Now that it’s behind me, I can say it was a blast. But up until that moment where my toes hit the water, I felt totally unprepared. The first time I did this triathlon, two years ago, I followed the training schedule faithfully. I packed my bag carefully, […]

Goodbye, 1952

Say goodbye to the mint green tile, the peach and yellow accents and the crumbling walls. I won’t miss the 80s lights or the cracked grout. And I won’t miss the broken shelves in the medicine cabinet or the too-large-for-the-space sink. Or that nightmare of a glass shower door. Really, eleven years we’ve been together. […]

Question #1

Remember those questions I posted a week or so ago? I haven’t forgotten them. Here’s number one: 1. What is one thing you’d like to accomplish (professionally or personally) in the next year? There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in the next year…  move to a new house, complete another triathlon, […]

William Morris: Food Storage

 “I will have nothing in my home that I do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris My first William Morris Thursday.… I took advantage of 20 minutes of Toddler distraction and cleaned out our two main food storage cupboards. Really, there’s not much space. Most of my baking […]


And then it was January. Well, actually the third of January.. I’m ready to get back in to the swing of things. I ready to stop eating Christmas cookies. I’m ready to get back to running, swimming, yoga and hockey. I’m ready for work… which promises to be very busy this month. And I’m ready […]

And Then November….

November. I’m still running in shorts. Already playing hockey. And can/can’t wait for snow. Among other things, November is the month of daily creativity. There’s NaNoWrMo and Art Every Day For a Month. I’m aiming to do one or the other every day… meaning to write or create art. I feel like doodling, or making […]