Jumbo Crayons are Fun!

We picked up a package of Jumbo crayons the other day, you know the big, thick ones, that are harder to chew and swallow? Well, I’ve discovered they are just as easy to chew, but they are easier for little tiny hands to hold. I also discovered that they are full of inspiration. While daughter took turns pounding her red crayon on the paper and sticking it into her mouth, I decided to try it myself. Just holding the thicker crayon, I could feel my arm let go as it lead me across the page. It was fun!

Today at The Write Ingredients: Sushi!


I Like You and I Like My Bird!

I ran over to I Like You last week to find a gift. I Like You is this great little shop in NE Minneapolis that sells handmade items from clothes, to cards, to prints and soap! And they’re all made by local artists. What a great idea!

I wasn’t able to find the right gift, but I did pick up this fabulous bird for my office. I’ve been on a bird kick lately, and if you know me, you know I love ladybugs. This is perfect. I love it. But I think my happy little blue bird needs a name. Any ideas?



A while back I had a super, duper good day and won a gift pack from Artsyville! (I originally found Aimee through Jen. ) The package included wine tags, bookmarks, gift cards and little gift tags. I absolutely love Aimee’s style and her sense of humor. She has been more than an inspiration to me as I navigate this blogging world.

If you need a pick-me-up check out here blog here. Or check out her shop here and let me know what your favorite piece is. I’m torn between this one and this one.

Thanks for the inspiration, Aimee, and the laughs!