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Heart Plants


“You have Heart Plants,” our young neighbor yelled from across the yard.

“Yes, we do. They’re called Bleeding Hearts.”

“They’re my favorite,” she declared.

“Mine too, kiddo. Mine too.”



I feel stuck.
In my writing.
I finished a wonderful class two weeks ago and I’ve barely written since.
I met with my amazing and talented writing group this weekend, and had only written a one page response to our Prompt. (And yes, that was the writing I spoke about up there in the third sentence.) Its not as if I haven’t had ideas. I have a list of things to write. I have words and phrases running through my mind all day.

I could blame it on the lack of time. I could blame it on the sun, that’s rising early, that’s waking the daughter way, way too early. But it’s the sun that I welcome as I open my eyes at 5 in the morning. So much easier to get up, out of bed and write when the sun is up. But then the sun crosses through the house and into the daughters room and Poof! She’s up. Just when I start to talk myself into crawling out of bed, I hear her door open and watch her walk into our room. Sometimes she’s still half asleep. Or like today, she’s got a bounce in her step and can’t wait to start chatting. Either way, I know I’m not writing.

And so we cuddle. We chat. We watch Bubble Guppies. And then we get ready for our day. I drop her at Preschool. I go to work. I (try) to workout at lunch. Or I work through lunch. And then I pick her up from Preschool. We make dinner. We wait for Husband to get home and we eat dinner. Then we walk Dog. She showers. She brushes. She cuddles. We read. We cuddle. We chat. She sleeps.

And then it’s 830 pm and I’m shot.
So, when again should I write? A writer friend said it just takes 20 minutes. Twenty minutes here. Twenty minutes there. Do that three times and it’s an hour. Three more times and it’s two. I can do that. Can I do that?


Monarch Release & a Friday!

It was time for the Monarchs to take off. It was bittersweet. We have two more that need to emerge, but then we’ll be “empty nesters.” Sort of.

This little guy had just emerged when we saw him.

So we sat and watched him blow his wings out.

Isn’t he stunning?

We set the first three on a hanging basket in the front yard. This little guy is missing a wing on the other side. I have to blame one of his roommates who we saw trying to eat him while in his Chrysalis. Not really fair. Not sure he’ll ever leave this plant.

The other two monarch’s flew away shortly after we placed them on the plant.

We let two more go in the evening and they booth took off right from Husband’s hand. One landed on a tree a few feet away, the other took off and flew until we could no longer see him.

So, we still have two more to go. This has been truly amazing. I sure hope our little guys have fun flying from flower to flower and enjoying themselves. I’ll miss them.

At least it’s Friday. Enjoy!

fun finds

Meet the Monarchs

We have a few new friends living with us for a few weeks. They’re Monarch Caterpillars, also known as Milkweed Caterpillars, I guess because they eat Milkweed plants. They moved in on Saturday.

The plan is that they’ll eat and grow and eat and grow for two weeks. Then they’ll spin their Chrysalis’ and hang around for 10 days. Then we’ll have Monarch Butterflies!

They were about 1/4 inch long on Saturday. As of Monday night they were probably closer to 3/8 inch long. We are in for a treat.

Here’s a great time lapse of what we hope to experience. And I’ll try to keep you posted!


Back in the Garden

I spent a chunk of time in the garden this weekend, cleaning up the huge mess I left myself last fall. I’m excited to get started this year, and hope that Daughter is ready to help me! She likes to get dirty, so my fingers are crossed.

The good news is that the strawberries came back.

The bad news is that the tomatoes didn’t. I know, I know, it was a long shot or no shot at all, but a girl can dream, right?