I feel stuck. In my writing. I finished a wonderful class two weeks ago and I’ve barely written since. I met with my amazing and talented writing group this weekend, and had only written a one page response to our Prompt. (And yes, that was the writing I spoke about up there in the third […]

Monarch Release & a Friday!

It was time for the Monarchs to take off. It was bittersweet. We have two more that need to emerge, but then we’ll be “empty nesters.” Sort of. This little guy had just emerged when we saw him. So we sat and watched him blow his wings out. Isn’t he stunning? We set the first […]

Meet the Monarchs

We have a few new friends living with us for a few weeks. They’re Monarch Caterpillars, also known as Milkweed Caterpillars, I guess because they eat Milkweed plants. They moved in on Saturday. The plan is that they’ll eat and grow and eat and grow for two weeks. Then they’ll spin their Chrysalis’ and hang […]

Back in the Garden

I spent a chunk of time in the garden this weekend, cleaning up the huge mess I left myself last fall. I’m excited to get started this year, and hope that Daughter is ready to help me! She likes to get dirty, so my fingers are crossed. The good news is that the strawberries came […]