I Need to Clear Something Up

(photo taken last week on Lake Superior) I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful posts, emails and comments about selling our house. But I think I might have created some confusion. We have not sold our house yet, we have not moved yet. The point of that post was to just let go of […]

Friday Five

I’m listing again, folks. Aren’t I always listing? At least I think I am. Anyway, to celebrate the official beginning of Summer, and really, Summer just showed up here, I want to know your five favorite foods of summer. Ready? Here goes: 1. Local Strawberries 2. Grilled Corn 3. Fresh Mint on or in just […]


Five things is back! It’s been awhile, but nothing like turning over a new leaf, or returning over a new leaf at the first of the year. So this Friday, in honor of the weekend, I’m asking you five FUN things you hope to do this weekend. Don’t tell me what errands you need to […]

Friday…. Brunch Five!

Finally, it’s the weekend. It’s been a long week. Among other things, we dealt with an ear infection, a rash, long work hours, tight deadlines, almost a missed deadline (with the reminder to ALWAYS check the deadline yourself, not what you hear), brunch with grandparents and cousins, a great night at the playground with neighbors, […]

Friday5: Weekend!

It’s nearly the middle of March and Spring is on the door step. I heard the birds chirping this morning and I just had to post this beautiful poster I found on Poster Cabaret. Have you seen this site? So many amazing and affordable works of art. So, it’s warming up and soon we’ll be […]

Friday5: Grateful

March is here, can you believe it? I love March. Three years ago we welcomed a very special bundle into our lives at the end of March. So for the past few years March has been a month of planning. First planning for our beautiful baby, and the last three years planning for a beautiful […]

Friday 5!

Man, I’m tired right now. And sore. It’s 12:04 in the morning and I just got home from a hockey game. That I played. I smell pretty bad, my knee/hip is tight, my right shoulder is throbbing and my throat is sore where I took a stick. Such is life, or at least a game […]

Friday5: Favorite Foods

Getting back to the basics…. List five foods that make you happy. Really happy. 1. Spicy Tuna Rolls 2. Chunky Monkey Ice Cream 3. Baked Truffled Mac & Cheese 4. Lobster tails with Spiced Butter 5. ┬áChocolate Pecan Pie And not necessarily in that order… What about you? (I’m bringing Daughter sledding today, what are […]