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Another Friday

photo from SkiptomyLou….

… these Fridays keep sneaking up on me! The week is crazy, with swimming and yoga and soccer and softball, oh, and work,  that suddenly it’s Friday. Daughter and I are heading to the beach again, in what has become a Friday tradition. And I’m excited. Then it’s the 4th next week… there will be parades and stars and stripes and maybe, just maybe, some fireworks.

Meanwhile, a few things I’ve found while surfing this week.

Love these posters, I think Daughter would too.

I love this site.… makes me health-hungry!


I want to make this.

And I can’t believe she’s gone.… makes me sad.


Sunday Dinner…

Grilled Chicken Breasts with Shallots, Cherries and Arugula.

Life has been crazy lately. We’ve been to the beach, to the pool, to the park.

We’ve had friends over. We’ve had family over.

I’ve been running and biking and swimming and working.

There’s been weeding and mowing and more than enough laundry.

And there’s been reading and reading and more reading.

And very little writing.

But I’ll get there soon. Really. Because it won’t leave me alone.

On to Monday…


Birthday Cookies

This weekend we celebrated Daughter’s third birthday with the family. I wanted a project/game/craft that would work for all ages at the party. There were grandparents and cousins and an aunt and uncle. What could work for everyone? I finally decided on decorating cookies. The theme of the party was Trains and I found these awesome train cookie cutters on Amazon. I made the cookies the day before, with Daughter’s help, and then we decorated at the party.


Curried Tilapia, etc, etc.

We’ve made the Cooking Light recipe for Broiled Tilapia with Cocont Curry sauce so many times that we’re pretty much perfected it. And we’ve also played around with it and added some more goodies. We’ve made it with Chicken and we’ve added Shitakes and this time we added Spinach at the last moment. It’s always delicious…. give it a shot!


Way to Bake

Husband surprised me over the holidays with this beautiful cookbook. It’s from Cooking Light, which means it’s most likely healthy. It’s full of really great recipes, with photos and detailed recipes. There are scones and custards and cakes and breads. There are a couple I”ll be making sooner, rather than later. See below.


Happy Turkey Day!

I’m taking a few days off for the holiday. And we’re having Lobster, rather than Turkey, which actually is pretty traditional.  We’re also having Tuna Tataki, which has become our tradition. Are you having Turkey? Tofurky? Turducken? Tell me, I want to know.

And then visit Tyler’s blog, BabyLuxDesign, for a great Giveaway. Wouldn’t that little bunny look great on your tree?

fun finds

Salmon Crostini & Clean Out Your Fridge

We served this Salmon Crostini at the Purple•Puppie Launch Party on Saturday night and it was such a hit I thought I’d share the “recipe.” And recipe is in quotes because it’s really, really simple. Spray your bread slices with olive oil and bake. Mix your cream cheese with chives. Add a thin slice of Lox. A slice of red onion. Serve. There, got it?

Then clean out your fridge, because did you know today is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day? I know what I’m doing tonight! Woohoo!


Caramelized Onion Tart

Yum. We made two of these tarts this weekend for a Dinner Party and man oh man they were delicious. We started by caramelizing a whole lot of red onions and then added just a bit of balsamic vinegar 10 minutes before they were done. After they were cooled, we rolled out pie crusts (yep, store bought because pie crusts and I don’t get along), added a small pile of Gruyere, the onions and folded the whole thing up.

They baked up nicely, and a soon as we got them out of the oven we flew across the city and served them up. Wow. So yummy.

And a couple photos of the other appetizers at the party. Smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers and red onions.

And the most amazing, most beautiful, and did I say amazing? Cucumber Ahi Tuna roll things. Again, wow.