And just like that, today she is seven. Or will be, actually, at 1:55pm this afternoon. She was bummed when she learned she wasn’t technically seven yet. But we let her open her presents this morning anyway. There are no words for how I feel about this kid. We had no idea what we were getting […]

Holding on to Six

In two days my daughter will turn seven. SEVEN. S.E.V.E.N! It sounds so old. It’s so far from preschooler or toddler or infant. She’s a solid grade-schooler if that’s even a term. Just this morning I told a woman, “she’s just six.” Years past I would have said “almost six” or “four in three days.” […]

I’m Over at Blogher

A few weeks ago I saw a comment on a Facebook post looking for mothers who feel strongly about the danger of concussions in youth sports. As a hockey player and mother of a soccer/hockey player, I offered the other side of the conversation. About how Husband and I are not holding Daughter back from sports she loves […]


Today I turn 43. 43? Where the hell did that come from? One day I was in my mid-twenties, the next I was 40. And now this? I am grateful that I can celebrate 43. And I am grateful that I was able to celebrate it by swimming a mile and then playing in the […]


I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks. This week you: • are still trying to get rid of the cold… we all are • spent a day at the Mall of America with Grandma & Grandpa – they looked exhausted • made Bubble Valentines for your class and loved it • discovered you like to […]

4/52 and 5/52

Naturally, I got behind. We’re relisting the house soon and have been busy painting walls, moving furniture and accessorizing… more on that later. But back to the kid. I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks. This week you: • spent a couple nights with Grandma and Grandpa… and loved sledding down their hill • spent a […]


I’m joining Erin for a year of 52 weeks. This week you: • went tubing down the big hill All. By. Yourself.  (that’s you at the top in the photo) • passed the push back and forth with me at hockey practice • used your “pleases” and “thank you’s” and “excuse mes” and “no, thank your” really well • dragged me […]

Monday Monday

It’s Monday morning. The world thawed out this weekend and I’m pretty sure we even hit 40 degrees. There was a lot of hockey this weekend, a bit of sledding, lots of cooking, a rocking game of bowling and a bit too much wine. So between soggy snow pants and a crock pot full of chunky […]