On Hold…

For the past few weeks  I’ve felt that my life is on hold. Time keeps moving, days are getting shorter, school is starting, the State Fair is happening, but I feel stuck. We hoped to be in a new house by this time. Or at least be packing up the last of the wine glasses […]

Nearly Three Strikes

(image from wikipedia) It’s been a day. I ran over to the club at lunch to swim laps. I had to talk myself into going. Talk myself into leaving the comfort of my desk, the piles of work that needed to get done. But I knew I’d feel better after I spent a half-hour in […]

It Isn’t Spring Yet.

I came home this week to find this lovely Tulips Postcard in my mailbox. It’s from the amazing Jen, and while her timing was right (it arrived smack dab on the first day of spring) spring really hasn’t shown up yet in these parts. The high for the next week is about 30 degrees and […]

Five Things I Learned on Vacation

1. Daughter likes turbulence. 2. Catching up with Pinterest after two weeks away is fun, email is not. 3. Long walks on a secluded beach are good for the soul. 4. Humidity is good for the skin. 5. Coming home to your own bed, to your own kitchen and to your own dog is completely […]

19 things

19 things we should say to our kids… and maybe to each other.  From here, via Pinterest. 1. I love you! There is nothing that will make me stop loving you. Nothing you could do or say or think will ever change that. 2. You are amazing! I look at you with wonder! Not just at what you […]

NYC To Do List

A sunset visit to the Empire State Building Wandering through the Dumbo Arts Festival Eating Dumplings in Chinatown A run in Central Park A visit to Ground Zero Shopping at every H&M I can find Dean & Deluca…. And thanks to this amazing book, my list is growing. No worries, I’ll keep you posted.

The American Dream

I don’t want to get into Politics. Really, I don’t. I honestly don’t understand politics and for years just asked my sister who to vote for. But what I do know, is that nearly 100 years ago, my grandfather came to the United States from Ireland. He was 11 years old. He came with his […]

Plata Designs and a Present for Myself

I found myself a birthday present in Boulder.  I found it at the very last booth we walked past, right before we nearly melted in the Colorado Sun, moments before the 3YOs started to lose it. There was a little table, covered by beautiful work by Plata Designs. The artist was there selling her amazing jewelry. I […]


I spent the last four days with my sister in Denver, Colorado. We went climbing and swimming and shopping and eating. Saturday, we headed north to Boulder for the Open Arts Fest. And what  a Fest it was. There were giant carrots and adorable rabbits. There was a splash pad and butterfly balloons. There was […]