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Adorable (and Functional) Alphabet Cards

Way back in May I found this adorable set of Alphabet Cards at Sweet Charity in Brooklyn. (adorable shop, you must stop by). I was in NYC with the girls, and as soon as I saw the cards I knew I had to have them. The box contains 26 cards, one for each letter (duh…). I had an idea in my head to take the six letters in Daughter’s name and frame them somehow for her play area. It wasn’t until¬† my most recent Ikea trip (they’ve been weekly lately, unfortunately) that I put all the pieces together. I grabbed one of the long and thing Ribba frames (meant for five 5×7 prints) and cut a piece of the beautiful Orange Minna fabric and it was done! Now I just need to persuade someone to hang it up for me and it will be complete.