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Missing Manhattan


I love New York City. Specifically, Manhattan. And when I saw this print by Yoni Alter my mind immediately went back the hours and hours and hours of wandering I did this past September. Manhattan is Magic. I can’t wait to go back. Other NYC prints (and other cool places) here!


Another Friday

photo from SkiptomyLou….

… these Fridays keep sneaking up on me! The week is crazy, with swimming and yoga and soccer and softball, oh, and work,  that suddenly it’s Friday. Daughter and I are heading to the beach again, in what has become a Friday tradition. And I’m excited. Then it’s the 4th next week… there will be parades and stars and stripes and maybe, just maybe, some fireworks.

Meanwhile, a few things I’ve found while surfing this week.

Love these posters, I think Daughter would too.

I love this site.… makes me health-hungry!


I want to make this.

And I can’t believe she’s gone.… makes me sad.


More Pinterest

I spent a couple hours in the car this weekend. With a crabby toddler in the backseat, a sleeping puppy on my lap and an iPhone in my hand. Needless to say, I spent those two hours on my Pinterest app. (And no, I wasn’t driving).  The ideas I find there are amazing and endless. Like these letters I found posted by JBS Mercantile. How much fun are these? And I love that they’re NOT pink. Or blue. But some rich deep colors. I have plenty of patterned paper and fabric, just need the letters. So cool.


Announcing… Purple•Poppie!

Well, after a bit of planning, a lot of dreaming and a whole lot of glue, I’m excited to announce my latest project. Together with my friend and coworker, Jen, we’re launching purple•poppie paper & parties. As graphic designers, paper freaks, and two gals who love a good party, we’re here to help. Anything you might need for your event, from invitations, announcements, themes, decorations, menu ideas or just the name of a good caterer, we can do it. We’re excited and ready. In fact, we’ll be demonstrating our talents and ideas next month at our launch party.

We’re working on our blog and facebook page, which you can find here and here. Follow us, Like us or just keep in touch. It’s time to party!

She Did It Again

Chandler of Anagram Press is so amazingly talented. She just released another broadside and I ordered this one immediately. I love the image, the colors, the quote. Can’t wait to hang it up in my office so I can see it everyday. More info here, and you can order one here.

fun finds

A Paper (and Safe) Mistletoe

A Quick Note…. I’ve had such an amazing response (and a lot of great compliments) on the lavendar sachet giveaway that I’ve listed a few in the shop. More will go up soon. You can check them out here……

Growing up my Mom had a plastic mistletoe. At the time I thought it was cheesy and always wanted the real thing. So for a few years I bought my little ball of mistletoe and hung it up for the holidays. Then we got Dog. And I found out that real mistletoe is poisonous. A little dog and a little ball of poison don’t mix. Then we had Daughter. And again, a little girl and a pretty ball of poison? Not going to work. So for a few years now I’ve been looking for a plastic mistletoe, much like the one I grew up with. I could never find a thing. Until the Paper Source catalog came a few weeks ago. There, in full color, was a photo of a paper Mistletoe. Paper! Not poisonous. And something I could (sort of) create myself. And Ta Da! I put it together between sips of wine this weekend and I love it. It’s perfect and not poisonous and it won’t dry up and it shouldn’t fall apart. Now I just need to find some fishing line and a strategic place to hang it……


New York Journal

Remember my trip this spring to New York City? I had a great time. And to remember it, I put together this quick little journal full of the memories. I started with the binder Jen put together. She had given all of us the binder to hold the goodies she sent out in preparation of the Manhattan Meet-up. I carried it around while in NYC and when I got home I put this together. I used a subway map for the cover, complete with my notes and sketches. For the inside front cover and back cover, I used a map of MOMA.

Inside, I cut down card stock and french-folded it for photo pages. This gave the pages more weight.

Jen  included pockets in the binder and I filled them with menus, and business cards and even a napkin from the Plaza (where Lisa and I enjoyed $26 mimosas).

This is a great way to preserve the memories of the trip, and a place to store my notes for the next one. Soon, I hope!