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A New Year…


The last few weeks have been spent shopping and baking and wrapping and celebrating. And we’re not done. We’re having friends over for New Years Eve and then our annual Best Neighborhood Ever Progressive dinner is this weekend. Thankfully, I was able to take some time off to slow down and fill up. I’ve been writing a bit, thinking a lot, and reading constantly.

I also signed up for a class through Creative Nonfiction and I can’t wait for it to start. The class I chose requires me to write 300 words each day,  Monday-Friday. I can find 300 words, right? I KNOW I can crank out 300 words. Just these two paragraphs are 110 words already. Now it’s at 115, see how easy?

And with the new year comes a fresh attitude and hopefully some fresh snow. I’m not making any resolutions this year, I’m not going on a diet, I’m not going to tell myself I’ll do something just to do something. I’m just going to try to smile more, eat more vegetables and slow down.

So here’s to a New Year. Enjoy!

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Quiet & Good


It’s quiet. Husband is downstairs watching a college football game. Daughter and the Dogs are in Wisconsin with my in-laws. I’m sitting upstairs, at the desk that husband and I now share (!). There are few runners outside on the paths, traffic is light. The wind is slow through the yellow leaves. Our neighbors have turned off their waterfall for the season.

We slept in this morning, probably too late, because I barely made it to the Kick-boxing class I used to attend. But I made it, groggy with sleep and maybe just a bit dehydrated from the late night with dear friends and one too many beers. I went to the class faithfully before daughter was born and now I make it 2 or 3 times a year. It’s good to go back and it’s good to put my body through something besides running, biking or skating.

This past week was good. I finished up the dreaming class I took. It was inspiring and it got me back here, at the keyboard, hitting these keys. It got my mind racing about everything else I want to do! And it got me to realize that dreams can come true, just one step at a time. Nothing’s going to happen unless you take that first step, right?

I also went to a concert all by myself. I have never even gone to a movie by myself, but I really wanted to go and we had a sick kid, so husband generously stayed home while I went downtown. It was awesome. And amazing. And really, it didn’t matter that I went alone because I was surrounded by hundreds of other people who were there for the same thing. To listen to great music.

It was really good. The whole week was really good. Even with a fever and meltdowns and rain and dogs that hog the bed. It was good.

How was your week?


Mom’s Day

Mother’s Day reminds me of food.
Lots and lots of food.
When I was growing up we would go to the Decathlon Athletic Club in Bloomington for their special Mother’s Day brunch.It was always my parents, my sister, my brother, and my dad’s parents, Grandma Bea and Grandpa Charlie.
There were nice dresses and clean shoes. There were roses and mimosa’s for the Mothers. There was a diet coke with lime, not lemon, for Dad. And there was more food than you could imagine.
Ice sculptures towered over the salad bar. The omelette station was littered with bowls of onions and olives, tomatoes and cheeses, bacon and mushrooms. There was a carving station with a ham, a turkey and a roast beef, each perfectly prepared (bleeding, as my Dad would say) and sliced thinner than paper. There was a dessert table, often three or four tiers high, full of bites of apple crisp and pumpkin pie, chocolate cake and creme brûlée.
But we didn’t go to that table until the end. Not until after we ate our fruit and our salad, a quarter of that waffle with blueberry syrup, a slice of bacon, and a scoop of melty-cheesy-potato goodness. There were still cards to open and gifts to unwrap. Lotions for Grandma, a necklace for Mom.
There was small talk to make. Telling about school. About sports. About friends. And then, when the plates were cleared and the glasses refilled, we ran back to that dessert table, our dress shoes flopping on our feet. Just one, they’d tell us. We’d sneak an extra. Say it was for Grandma. Knowing she never touched dessert.
We’d take our time, as the parents talked. Usually Mom. Grandma and Grandpa didn’t say much. And then we’d be full. Too full. The last bites of the desserts still on our plates. We’d pack up. Give hugs. Run down the grand stairs. Go home to sit, nap, digest.
This Mother’s Day I’m keeping the day for myself. Four years ago I wanted nothing to do with Mother’s Day. Three years ago I couldn’t believe I was a mother, but I was too tired to believe it. Two years ago I embraced it. Last year I enjoyed it. This year I’m spending the day the way I want to. I’m heading to the Farmer’s Market (with the family). And maybe breakfast out (if we can get in somewhere). Then I hope I can get some writing or running in and cuddling. because, it is Mother’s Day, isn’t it?
(Oh – and don’t worry, the other mothers in my life are taken care of, coming over Saturday for dinner.)
What are you doing for yourself this Mother’s Day?

Birthday Cookies

This weekend we celebrated Daughter’s third birthday with the family. I wanted a project/game/craft that would work for all ages at the party. There were grandparents and cousins and an aunt and uncle. What could work for everyone? I finally decided on decorating cookies. The theme of the party was Trains and I found these awesome train cookie cutters on Amazon. I made the cookies the day before, with Daughter’s help, and then we decorated at the party.


A Leap Day Giveaway!

It’s leap day! It’s an extra day to enjoy chocolate or wine or a delicious scone or maybe a donut! And lucky for you,  I’m hosting a giveaway! I will send one lucky winner a three-pocket sling purse of their choice. Just leave a comment below by Next Tuesday at midnight. I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday! I only ask that you spread the word… blog about it, post it on Pinterest, and tell your Mom. If I get a lot of comments, I’ll give away two, or maybe three!

A few more details.. These purses hang slightly lower than the photo above. Each has one main pocket int he center and two narrower pockets on either side. I have a variety of bold and muted colors, leave a comment with a desired color, and I’ll do my best to match it up. And again, don’t forget to spread the word!


Happy Holidays….

I have the next 11 days off from my day job. And I can’t wait. I’ll be shopping and hosting and eating and enjoying. And next week I’ll relax and read and recharge. There might be a movie. There might be sushi. There will be yoga. And running. And a nap. Certainly a nap.
So, Happy Holidays to you all. Enjoy your time off. Remember to love and to laugh.
I’ll see you all next year. 

A Little Something for Me…

I stopped by the Last Minute Handmade Market last night to see Jen and look what happened to find me! A beautiful fresh happy it’s winter scarf from Martha of ScarfShop! It’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to wear it. Every. Day.

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We have 9 days until Christmas. And today we’re headed to Macy’s 8th floor to visit the exhibit, “The Day in the Life of an Elf.” And then we’ll come home and bake Gingerbread men. Saturday we’re heading to a Mini-Nutcracker. Sunday we have a Holiday party to attend. Between all of that we’ll be singing carols and wrapping presents and sitting by the tree. I can’t wait. What are you doing this weekend?