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A friend asked me to design labels for her new line of Jam. There was no way I could say No to such a fun project. She want’s something “Sexy” that uses Black. So my first stop was to the blog, The Dieline. It’s full of amazing packaging design from all over the world. Here are just a few samples I found to inspire me. I’ll share the final labels when they’re done, in just a few weeks. Eecks!


Ink Link at the U

Friday night Jen and I ran over to McNeal Hall on the St. Paul Campus at the U of M. The College of Design hosted a party to show off their new letterpress studios. We met there in those classrooms many years ago and it was cool to go back.

And it was great to see where the program has come since I spent long days in that building. Their letterpress capabilities are impressive. And their partnership with the Hamilton Wood Type Museum is amazing. Some day I’ll make it there for a workshop. Until then I’ll make due with the print above.



We have a light weekend of plans. There’s a coffee shop playdate. A birthday party. A hockey game. And I hope to start some holiday shopping. And tonight? I’m heading out with Jen to check out some letterpress at the good ‘ol U of M. It’s where we met, so it’s appropriate.  And we might have a glass of wine, too. I can’t wait.


She Did It Again

Chandler of Anagram Press is so amazingly talented. She just released another broadside and I ordered this one immediately. I love the image, the colors, the quote. Can’t wait to hang it up in my office so I can see it everyday. More info here, and you can order one here.


My New Toy

Look what I just got. It’s keeping me busy while I set it up, but it’s also inspired me to do a bit more design for myself now that I’m moving at lightning speed. Yippee!


Second Birthday Party

This weekend was Daughter’s second birthday, so we had a party! We chose a flower theme, maybe with the distant hope that there would be tulips coming up? But no, we got another dumping of snow last week, so there were still a few inches of the white stuff on the big day. If nothing else it covered all the mud and dead leaves that await us. Here are a bunch of photos from the big day. Credits and links follow.

Heavenly White Cake with The Best Ever Frosting

Fondant Cake Topper and Cupcake flowers by KidsCakes Etsy shop

Flower Gift Bags inspired by Martha Stewart Magazine.

Button Candy and Rock Candy from Candyland.

fun finds

Beautiful Find

I’ve been working on a packaging project at the day job and found this packaging for green&spring while doing some research. I think it’s absolutely stunning and would love to redo my bathroom just to have these products on my shelf. It’s a British company, but I may have to order some just because. Wow.

photo from

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November, Already?

It’s November. Can you believe it? When did that happen? I’m having a heard time believing it because the temps are still in the 50s and we’ve had beautiful sunshine rather than snow. But the calendar doesn’t lie. And now that Halloween is over, all I can think about is Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. It could be my favorite holiday, besides Christmas, and Fourth of July. But really? What’s not to love? It’s all about Food! And more Food. (And no shopping for gifts!)

But now that it’s approaching, and rather quickly, I must say, I’ve started to panic. I started thinking of all I need to do (plan a menu, find a tablecloth, start cooking) so I put together a Thanksgiving Worksheet. It’s based on the Grocery List I created a few months ago, but also includes the specific Thanksgiving items like a guest list and a place to write down what you’ll use for a centerpiece. Download your copy here:


I plan to print mine on two sides so I have everything together, but you could use two pages and recycle the grocery list after you’re done shopping. I still have a lot of planning to do, but I hope that this list makes it a bit less stressful. Download your own copy and have a stress-free Thanksgiving!


An Easy Grocery List Download

Have I mentioned that I love to make lists? And you know I love to eat. And I spend my days as a graphic designer. So what’s better than a professionally designed grocery list? For years I’ve been trying to figure out an efficient way to organize weekly meals, get the recipes and ingredients together and get home from the grocery store with everything on my list and without a headache. I think I figured it out. And I want to share it with you.

It’s a simple, three columned grocery list. On the left is a section to list what the meals for the week are. Start on whatever day works for you. Include breakfast, lunch and dinner or (like me) just include dinner (main dish and sides). Go through the week and write down what ingredients you need from each section of the store. This made the actual shopping trip go so quickly! There was no more running back to produce for that missing jalapeno or running back to dairy to grab shredded cheese. Amazing. When the sheet is all filled out and you’re ready to head to the store, fold it in thirds, hiding the week’s menus. This gives the paper some weight so you can cross items off. and you can easily flip back and forth and see the whole list.

Ta da! I hope this simplifies your life at least a little. It has mine. And if you have suggestions for the list (I’ll consider it a work-in-progress) send me a note. To download a pdf of the list, click below: