What a Find!

I went t to the Mall of America on Friday. Don’t ask. I felt like shopping (I thought) and Daughter loves Nickelodeon Universe. Plus we met Grandma M for lunch before she and Grandpa head off on their two-week long cruise. So we did some shopping, we went on a couple rides which were actually […]


A friend asked me to design labels for her new line of Jam. There was no way I could say No to such a fun project. She want’s something “Sexy” that uses Black. So my first stop was to the blog, The Dieline. It’s full of amazing packaging design from all over the world. Here […]


I love Giraffes. And Baby Giraffes. But I especially love Mama & Baby Giraffes. On a t-shirt. You can find it here with so many other cool T’s. Just don’t visit until I’ve had a chance to order. šŸ™‚

More Pinterest

I spent a couple hours in the car this weekend. With a crabby toddler in the backseat, a sleeping puppy on my lap and an iPhone in my hand. Needless to say, I spent those two hours on my Pinterest app. (And no, I wasn’t driving). Ā The ideas I find there are amazing and endless. […]


The week of Holiday Decorations continues…. I’ve been seeing theseĀ PomandersĀ in Blogland and on Pinterest lately and knew I had to make a few. I actually hoped it was something Daughter could help me with, but it was tougher to poke the cloves into the oranges than I expected. (I did, however, get Husband to make […]

A (Melting) Ice Wreath

I made an Ice Wreath last Friday using this tutorial from Resurrection Fern. It was 7 degrees that day. But today it was 44. Needless to say, I think my wreath is gone. I’m all for rain, but in the spring, not December. I want snow, lots and lots of snow. I guess I’ll just […]


Happy Friday! And Happy 2nd of December. To officially kick off the Holiday Season I made this Advent Calendar using the tutorial from The Purl Bee. I used their instructions as a very loose guideline and it still turned out pretty well. I couldn’t find different weights of felt, but the weight I found on […]