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What a Find!

I went t to the Mall of America on Friday. Don’t ask. I felt like shopping (I thought) and Daughter loves Nickelodeon Universe. Plus we met Grandma M for lunch before she and Grandpa head off on their two-week long cruise. So we did some shopping, we went on a couple rides which were actually way too much fun. And after lunch, after one more ride, one more trip through H&M, I saw this glorified kiosk beneath the escalator right outside Bloomingdales. It was white and clean and the jewelry displayed was simple and beautiful and unique. Not something you’d expect at the MOA. This jewelry belonged in a gallery or at the Walker Art Center shop. I nosed around a bit and when I noticed the prices I nosed around a bit more. Beautiful. Stunning. and Affordable. I was hooked.

I’ve been looking for stacking rings for a couple years now, so I tried on a few different rings. There was leather and wood and cotton, but ultimately I settled on this amazing silver and enamel ring. There are three shades of blue wrapping around it. I could go on.

Turns out the artist, Maria Rivolta, is from Argentina and had been in town the night before. The store was formerly in Southdale but was moved to the MOA. The ladies working there are so helpful. And to make matters worse (I hate the MOA) I went back on a Saturday afternoon and the whole place was packed. I tried to park for about 15 minutes and ended up parking across the street and risking my life by walking through the harried drivers trying to park. Ick. Anyway, had to go back and get a birthday gift for a friend and i sort of picked up a bracelet for myself at the same time. Oops.

So, maybe after all, there’s a reason to go to the MOA?

fun finds


A friend asked me to design labels for her new line of Jam. There was no way I could say No to such a fun project. She want’s something “Sexy” that uses Black. So my first stop was to the blog, The Dieline. It’s full of amazing packaging design from all over the world. Here are just a few samples I found to inspire me. I’ll share the final labels when they’re done, in just a few weeks. Eecks!


More Pinterest

I spent a couple hours in the car this weekend. With a crabby toddler in the backseat, a sleeping puppy on my lap and an iPhone in my hand. Needless to say, I spent those two hours on my Pinterest app. (And no, I wasn’t driving). ¬†The ideas I find there are amazing and endless. Like these letters I found posted by JBS Mercantile.¬†How much fun are these? And I love that they’re NOT pink. Or blue. But some rich deep colors. I have plenty of patterned paper and fabric, just need the letters. So cool.


A Little Something for Me…

I stopped by the Last Minute Handmade Market last night to see Jen and look what happened to find me! A beautiful fresh happy it’s winter scarf from Martha of ScarfShop! It’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to wear it. Every. Day.

Photo from



The week of Holiday Decorations continues…. I’ve been seeing these¬†Pomanders¬†in Blogland and on Pinterest lately and knew I had to make a few. I actually hoped it was something Daughter could help me with, but it was tougher to poke the cloves into the oranges than I expected. (I did, however, get Husband to make one!) They smell and look great, now I just need to get me some holiday visitors.

fun finds

A (Melting) Ice Wreath

I made an Ice Wreath last Friday using this tutorial from Resurrection Fern. It was 7 degrees that day. But today it was 44. Needless to say, I think my wreath is gone. I’m all for rain, but in the spring, not December. I want snow, lots and lots of snow.

I guess I’ll just go pull my ribbon off the fence and make another one next week. The temperatures better plummet, or I’m heading north. Seriously.



Happy Friday! And Happy 2nd of December.

To officially kick off the Holiday Season I made this Advent Calendar using the tutorial from The Purl Bee. I used their instructions as a very loose guideline and it still turned out pretty well. I couldn’t find different weights of felt, but the weight I found on sale at Michaels seemed to work just fine. And I didn’t download their number guides, instead opting to go freehand, with mixed results. The outcome certainly looks handmade, but that’s sort of the point, right? I don’t think daughter will even notice as she plows through the pockets each day. I filled it up with stickers and chocolate and finger puppets and cars. She might be a little young to truly understand, but it will be fun just the same.
And it’s the weekend! This afternoon I hope to swing by the Second Annual Willow House Craft Fair (if the refrigerator repair guy doesn’t take too long). There will be all kinds of amazing handmade goodies from a lot of amazing artists, including Jen, Kristin and Anna!
And tonight I’m heading out to Simple Barbra with the girls. This weekend we’re having a birthday part for Dog, getting a tree, heading to a 3YO birthday party and then I’m off to the Nutcracker with Mom. I can’t wait. I’ve been listing to the music for weeks already and as much as I can’t dance, I can’t wait to twirl!!