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In Knots


My stomach has been in knots for weeks. And will remain in knots for at least another week. Until this crazy election is done and gone and we can all take a deep breath. I hope I can take a deep breath.

In the meantime, between panic attacks and sips of Pinot Grigio*, I want to share this article that I posted to Facebook nearly a year ago.

It’s a good reminder.

To be nice to each other.

To look out for each other.

To take care of yourself.

*Pinot Grigio is certainly not the best way to handle shitty days, but it helps. Friendly cows with crazy tongues at darling orchards help too. 

fun finds

The Falls


Daughter and I snowshoed over to Minnehaha Falls this weekend after the “blizzard”. It took nearly an hour to get there (because that’s how long it takes an almost four-year-old to walk about a half mile in the snow when there are woods to explore and swings to swing on). The falls were amazing. Look at that ice! And those tiny little people down there. There were other people behind the falls. I could hear them, but couldn’t see them. Seriously too scary for me. Daughter wanted to go down there. Not a chance said the Mother who would have to carry her back up the stairs. As it turned out, I carried her all the way home, on my back. (It took about ten minutes.)


Plata Designs and a Present for Myself

I found myself a birthday present in Boulder.  I found it at the very last booth we walked past, right before we nearly melted in the Colorado Sun, moments before the 3YOs started to lose it. There was a little table, covered by beautiful work by Plata Designs. The artist was there selling her amazing jewelry. I bought a pair of dream catcher earrings. Happy Birthday to me.

You can visit her website here or her Etsy shop here. If you’re near Boulder, her work in in Hip consignment shop.

fun finds

Shrimp Boil

A couple fabulous friends invited us over for Shrimp Boil on Saturday night. And yes, it was just as good as it looks. Yum!

Happy 4th everyone. The heat up here in the northland is unbearable. Stay cool and eat Ice Cream!

fun finds

Meet the Monarchs

We have a few new friends living with us for a few weeks. They’re Monarch Caterpillars, also known as Milkweed Caterpillars, I guess because they eat Milkweed plants. They moved in on Saturday.

The plan is that they’ll eat and grow and eat and grow for two weeks. Then they’ll spin their Chrysalis’ and hang around for 10 days. Then we’ll have Monarch Butterflies!

They were about 1/4 inch long on Saturday. As of Monday night they were probably closer to 3/8 inch long. We are in for a treat.

Here’s a great time lapse of what we hope to experience. And I’ll try to keep you posted!

fun finds

Recycled Crayons

We recycled some crayons this weekend. I really wanted to use my Ikea Silicon molds, but turns out they aren’t oven friendly.

Instead I used my old mini-muffin pan. Daughter helped me peel the paper off the broken crayons. And Husband helped me break them into pieces.

We baked them in a low oven (275 degrees) for about 10 minutes until they were melted. Then we stirred them with a toothpick to mix up the colors.

We thought it was pretty cool that they yellows and oranges came to the top and the darker colors were at the bottom. Either way they turned out really well and Daughter was excited to use them to draw her dinosaurs. Totally worth it.


Make Time…

I went to my writing group again this weekend and man, oh man, that group is talented and inspiring. Every month their work blows me away. And motivates me. Which reminds me of Artsyville’s amazing sketch (posted above). It hangs in my studio, and I look at it often. But it’s still a good reminder that yes, your art is important. Make time for it. Thanks, Aimee! You can see more of her amazing work here.


Mill Valley Kitchen

Lunch with the girls on Friday lead us to the Mill Valley Kitchen in St. Louis Park. We were not disappointed. The space is beautiful, with white walls and green accents and lots of and lots of windows. The service was prompt and professional. The menu was extensive and we all had a hard time deciding what to order. I finally chose the special of the day, a Salmon Burger with Avocado. And while I was expecting ground salmon, this was anything but. Look at those chunks of salmon. And the side salad was fresh and crisp and filling. I usually like chips or fries with a sandwich, but I didn’t even notice them missing with this hearty sandwich. The only thing missing was a glass of wine, which was tempting, but didn’t happen with daughter in the middle of the day. And speaking of daughter, our server made her feel just as important as the rest of us. They have a large and healthy kids menu, crayons and coloring sheets and warm chocolate chip cookies. And that cookie bought us a few more minutes to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. We may have ordered a few of them for ourselves as well 🙂