Snow and Skirts!

Happy Monday! Everything is still frozen up here in the north, really frozen. Like, frozen solid. And I am sick to death of it. But this week the weather is supposed to change. We’re even supposed to see 50 later this week. We better. Because I’m getting grumpy. But, since I can’t get outside, I […]

Sewing, Sewing, Sewing

I am online A Lot. I read a lot of blogs about sewing and creating and art and making. I read a lot of websites about sewing and creating and art and making. So when I heard that Sew Daily was launching a new community site, I couldn’t have been happier! So many ideas! So […]

What A Find!

                                    I have a couple of friends who are expecting little ones this spring, so I plan to surprise them each with a Minky Blanket. I ran over to Joann Fabrics yesterday, despite out 12 inches (and counting) […]


It seems like everywhere I turn there is Pillow talk. It’s Pillow month over at Sew Mama Sew, and over at L&J they’re having a Pillow Talk Blog Hop. I’ve also borrowed three Pillow books from the library (above). And all I can say is that it’s good timing. My parents just ordered a new […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Daughter and I made Valentine’s this weekend for her teachers and friends. We kept them simple since she’s not quite two. I cut out a pink heart and a white heart. She drew small masterpieces on the white hears and then I used the sewing machine to sew them all together. I’ve […]

And a Diaper Sleeve

So, I had a bit of the beautiful Ty Pennington fabric left over, so I made this adorable diaper pouch from Noodlehead’s tutorial. It was really easy to follow, and could actually used as a guide for any kind of bag. And it was quick! I made it during the second half of Daughter’s nap […]

Amy Butler & Ty Pennington

Remember this book? And remember this fabric? I put the two together and made this beautiful Reversible Shopper. It’s really much larger than I expected, but it’s perfect. Sunday we used it to carry our hockey gloves to the neighborhood rink. Tomorrow I’m going to fill it up with my yoga bag and block for […]

Placemats, For Me!

I’ve been sewing again, mostly for myself. And I’m loving it. I recently finished a set of reversible placemats for our dining room. I used this bird Ikea fabric for one side, and a simple black and white floral texture for the other. I wanted to get all six of them out of just two […]

Sewing Table Drawer

Husband gave me this AMAZING drafting/sewing table for Christmas. It’s perfect. A large area for the sewing machine and it’s bar-height so little fingers stay away from sharp objects. And the desktop tilts so I can use it for drawing and painting when I get around to it. It also has an amazing drawer the […]

February 1: Resolution Check-In

view from my “studio” of the mississippi river Can you believe it’s already February? I sure can’t, but I’m also sure glad it is. It’s getting us just that much closer to green, spring and warmth. As promised, I’m here to check in with a Resolution update. Let’s see… 1. Create I’ve been sewing for […]