Can We Talk About Food?

Most of you know that I started my first Blog, The Write Ingredients, four years ago. FOUR YEARS! I have been blogging for four years. Wow. I still remember the first time I told anyone my plans… I was eating an amazing dinner with my sister and brother-in-law at Aji in Boulder, CO. We all love food and I was just about to graduate with a MFA in Writing. I wanted to keep writing, so why not about food? And now four years later, I’m making a move. I’ve decided to simplify things and just bring some food over to Paper&Clouds. P&C is about everything I love: Design, writing, fabric, sewing, creating, living, dreaming, so why not Food?

For those unfamiliar with The Write Ingredients, I wrote about meals and recipes and food finds and  well, food. So get ready to talk about Food here as well, okay?

The above photo shows about half of the Smoky Roasted Vegetables I made this weekend. We served them with a Jack Daniels-marinated Pork Tenderloin. And they also served as a base for two more meals this week. More on that to come.


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