Cafe Wren & Jill Van Sickle

On the way out of town last week the In-Laws brought us to a fabulous little cafe not from their their house. Cafe Wren is in Luck, WI and it was so worth the drive! The atmosphere is charming, the service was friendly and the food was really very delicious. In fact, ate there again on our way back home. Really, it was that good.

The first stop I had the beet and goat cheese sandwich. Yep, a beet sandwich. I’m trying to eat less meat so this was the perfect find. I also had a bowl of their chilled cucumber avocado soup. Again, wonderful, the only bad part was that Daughter ate almost more than I did. On the way back I ordered the Cranberry Chicken Salad sandwich, and the same soup. This time Daughter wouldn’t touch it, which was totally fine with me!

As a bonus, the walls were covered with wonderful paintings that looked vaguely familiar. I particularly loved this one of the tulips. It’s dark but beautiful and so happy. On the way out I picked up a business card and recognized the name from shops around town, it’s the work of Jill Van Sickle. I love the textures and palette in her work. So beautiful.

This is the kind of cafe that makes me want to quit the day job (ha), sell the house (ha ha) and move to a small town and play with food. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

  • jaime

    oooh cafe wren! we ate there in june when renting a cabin near luck. and now we’re trying to convince my dad to buy a cabin in the area. luck is the best! cafe wren and a food coop in a tiny town surrounded by beautiful lakes. what else do you need?!

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