I met a few (blogging) friends to see the movie Bridesmaids last night. It was a facebook moment…. Anna posted that she had seen it, Jess and I posted that we wanted to see it…. so we made a date and then Kristin joined us! What a great night. Full of laughter, groans and popcorn and more laughter. Some of that laughter came with with covering my eyes, some came with loud cackles and at the end some came with tears. Kristin Wig and Maya Rudolph are beautiful and funny. So much fun. Can’t wait to do it again!

  • fifthlampdown

    So fun! so hilarious! We definitely need to do this again soon!

  • Anna

    A perfect start to our newly created movie night!! I’ll be watching the riverview emails for our next opportunity!

  • kristin

    yes! more movie nights w/the girls 🙂

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